Unique approach

Our curriculum is developed by programming instructors that have taught coding to thousands of students and educators. Our unique problem-based approach to computer science is the best next step after block-based programming environments like Scratch, Tynker, and code.org.


Powerful analytics

Get real insight into your student's understanding of computer science. Our analytics platform combines student progress, error analysis, and various metrics to give a comprehensive assessment of student understanding.


Designed for teaching

We know how difficult it is to teach a coding class, especially for the first time. We designed Pythonroom to take the role of the teacher, while providing the instructor with real-time analytics and extra resources to facilitate the student learning experience.


Pythonroom's features are designed to make it easy for you to facilitate a computer programming class.

Custom Curriculum

Over 100 free lessons and problems designed for the first-time coder.


Pythonroom grades student work on your behalf and records it in a custom gradebook.

Real-time analytics

All keystrokes and student analytics are saved and updated in real-time.

Nexus Black

Learning Management System

Get detailed insight into student learning from our easy-to-use learning management system. Create a class, add your students, and start coding.

Helpful Error Messages

We have over 1,000 custom error messages to help students debug their own code, rather than relying solely on the instructor.

Our Approach to Computer Science

Pythonroom's curriculum is designed to teach students problem-solving and algorithmic thinking. Our lessons are unique, easy to understand, and dynamically ordered to enhance retention. Students learn by mastering basic instructions to solve simple problems, and then work their way into more challenging concepts and larger programs. We have refined this curriculum over many years, so we are confident that Pythonroom is the most effective way to introduce computer science to young students.

Why teach computer science?

Every student should learn structured thinking.

Computer science is a valuable skill for every endeavor. Structured thinking teaches students how to logically break down problems and gain greater insight into the processes they experience every day. We have condensed years of experience teaching Python into a free online course that introduces computer science through problem solving and graphics.

Read the book

Why teach computer science with Python?

Python's readability makes it an ideal language for beginners.

It's English-like syntax and powerful built-in functions make it an ideal tool for everyone from beginners to experts. Computing literacy is becoming a necessary skill, and the Python programming language allows one to harness the full computing powers of their device. The Python programming language is also becoming a standard tool for modern computing applications like machine learning and automation.

  • Mathematics
  • Data science
  • Statistics
  • Automation
  • Natural language processing
  • Symbolic computation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Distributed systems

No installation or setup required

Pythonroom is built for the web browser.

Pythonroom works great on any device with an Internet connection, including Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones.

See for yourself


Lines of code



Helpful error messages



Students educated



Educators love Pythonroom


Pythonroom is pioneered by forward-thinking educators and organizations around the world. Here is what some of them are saying.

"For a first-time teacher of Python, this was an invaluable tool in the classroom. Pythonroom tracks your kids' progress, while offering them a differentiated approach to learning with relevant real-world parallels by topic. Students can learn at their own pace, but with challenges along the way. Also, the curriculum supports the teacher by freeing up time to take students aside and work with them individually and in small groups. After seeing the results, our programming teachers and IT leadership decided it best to implement the program throughout the district. Thanks for making a great, effective product!"

Tim McCormick

Davis Joint Unified School District


"Pythonroom is a great way to introduce students to programming in Python. The tutorials are sequenced well and in easy to understand language for kids. Because it is completely web based, my students can access their work anytime and anywhere. Classroom management tools help me monitor students' work in real-time. It’s great to see my students so motivated and engaged in learning complex programming concepts while working through their practice exercises. Pythonroom is a great addition to our curriculum!"

Vidya Janardhan

Stratford School


"As an instructor, I am grateful for a tool like Pythonroom. The website makes teaching Python as painless as it is for my students to learn it. Whenever I have a question, the Pythonroom team is quick to respond and give suggestions. Whenver I provide feedback, any issues are dealt with immediately. I'm so glad to be able to teach with Pythonroom because it makes my job so much easier."

Michael Schmidt

The Harker School


"Pythonroom easily engages our students, allows for creativity, and has sound curriculum in place that is very easy for a teacher without a background in computer science to follow. The Pythonroom team has given our school tremendous tech support, and are extremely passionate about spreading computer programming knowledge to all. I wholeheartedly support using Pythonroom in your classroom."

Cristina Shin

Crystal Springs Upland School


"As a computer science teacher I have used many platforms to teach basic programming to young students. Pythonroom is by far the most interactive and visual tool that I have come across. It's simple interface and powerful analytics feed makes it the ideal way to teach coding. Highly recommended!"

Yash Vaishnav

Techlab Education



Educators can create classrooms to monitor student progress and get real-time feedback.

Are you a district administrator or have custom requirements?
Email us at hello@hulaloop.io so we can work out a plan that works best for you.


Pythonroom was developed by a team of extraordinary educators and developers from around the world, guided by the vision we laid out when we started Hulaloop - to make computer science accessible to everyone.


Abhinav Mathur

Chief Executive Officer

In his free time, Abhinav is either on the golf course, practicing kung fu, or learning a new language. He plans to visit every country and continent and learn 10 languages.


Keshav Saharia

Chief Technology Officer

Keshav likes to spend his free time riding longboards, eating fruit, and exploring new places. He enjoys working on education tools and contributing to the open-source community.


Rohan Naik

Chief Marketing Officer

During his spare time, Rohan loves to hike, indulge in thai food and a good conversation, as well as make gutsy fantasy football roster decisions. He graduated from UCSD and plans to move back one day.

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